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Can you safely replace materials, 

use new products and

convert your processes to sustainable packaging ?


  first steps

Suitability check of existing materials and material combinations as well as their possible sustainable replacement products for their applicability with regards to the relevant processes involved.

Consideration of the individual production stages up to the final packaging application, as well as the subsequent disposal, at best a complete recycling after use. 

Taking into account material parameters in conjunction with process conditions and limitations.

 •  feasability
   manufacturing and packaging efficiency
 •  expected packaging properties

technical assessment
check suitability
production performance optimisation
cost reduction

Pacxing® supports the implementation of sustainable packaging solutions at

maximum compliance with minimum disruption.


It is a matter of fact and experience that a replacement or substitution of packaging materials may not always be executed on-the-fly without adjustment, recalibration or adaptation of machine configuration and processes.

   qualification / implementation / approval / optimization


Advice and support of introduction of new products to implement a smooth process in your existing processes and packaging system.

Ideally as a drop-in solution.

Processes such as printing, converting, packaging.

 •  on the spot support
   attending tests, introduction procedures and approvals




Pacxing® provides professional evaluation and feedback

supporting product development & optimization.

e module tensile strength
sealing temperature range sit
sealing strength
WVTR OTR barriers
plastic film extrusion
mdo film technology
recyclable polymers
relation sealing temperature strength


we recommend qualified institutions for determination & certification of:


•   recyclability


the recyclability of packaging subject to system participation.

 • excellent to use for marketing communication.
  assess license fees
  final packaging properties


the physical and mechanical properties (such as barriers) of the finished packaging according to compliance aspects.

certificate recyclability

project / implementation

Pacxing® offers to set up, support and conduct the implementation of new, sustainable, recyclable, alternative or substitute products within the scope of a project study.

  coordination of interaction of the relevant parties such as packaging users, packaging manufacturersconverters, feedstock producers, R&D and machine manufacturers.

  providing professional assessment and feedback

up to final approval.

contact us for more information . . .

      supporting a smooth substitution and transition to sustainability . . .

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